Welcome! I am Jacob Hartmann, a 15 year old Sophomore at Toms River High School South. I believe very firmly that the Common Core is not appropriate for our current educational system and the upcoming PARCC exams are mentally harmful to both students and teachers. I have spent roughly two years researching education reform topics and experiencing these systems while in school. I also sat in on the PARCC pilot tests during 8th grade. Unfortunately, the technology was severely limited, causing everyone to be frustrated at the waste of time. Today, I am fighting for the students' and parents' right to refuse these new exams and standards. Every child should have a choice regarding these topics, especially without fear of punishment. I have spoken at several Board of Education meetings to share my concerns. In addition, I have also been featured with other concerned parents, students, and educators on several publications. Previously, Toms River Regional schools has censored me unconstitutionally. Read the full memo here!

I also work with electronics as a whole. A major project I am working on is my room automation system, built from the ground up. The main "hub" which controls everything was made with C++11, and the web interface with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I host the web and DNS servers myself. To interact with the physical world, I use an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. However, it is still a very simple system. I am also a licensed amateur radio (general KD2HCN), Eagle Scout, Beachwood Police Explorer, computer repair person, space enthusiast, and I am CPR and PADI SCUBA certified.


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